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they fight the invisible bears

28 November
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Painting found on a front door, up a ladder, down a tiny side-street in Wellington.

by Mark Tatulli

What I'm listening to on last.fm.

Please let me know if you'd like me to credit any icons you've created.
a well-cut suit, adventure, africa, alice in wonderland, animation, art, autumn, b-movies, bare feet on grass, beaches, beehives, being smitten, bespoke clothing, big hair, bill bailey, bisexuality, bitch magazine, boots, burlesque, buster keaton, charity shops, children's books, chocolate-covered coffee beans, cinema, cloud shape interpretation, colour, creativity, crushes, cyborg cabaret, d.i.y. zombie porn, dancing barefoot, dancing by myself, daydreaming, discovery, douglas adams, dream diaries, erotica, exploration, fashion disasters on parade, film, film noir, fit pitching, fnord, folklore, forests, fred astaire, frida kahlo, gene wolfe, getting lost in bookshops, getting things done, girl drinks, green tea ice cream, greta garbo, guitar, hardboiled detective fiction, hats, healthy skepticism, hhgttg, high heels, houseboats, hugs, imagination, independence, indie, indie music, inspiration, jan svankmajer, jazz, jean harlow, jezebel.com, john peel, jumble sales, keytar orchestras, kids in the hall, learning, lighthouses, living passionately, making things, marlene dietrich, men, mocking zealots, music, mythology, neofolk, new zealand, new zealand summers, nordic folklore, optimism, orchids, owls, paradox, peel sessions, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, pin-ups, pinhole cameras, playlists, poetry, pohutukawa, pre-code films, rain on the roof, reading, recycling, reproductive rights, roadtrips, roller skates, science fiction, scifi, screenwriting, second-hand bookshops, secret gardens, sex, sexuality, shoes, skullduggery, south america, space, spats, stanislaw lem, stargazing, stop-motion animation, strunk, style, sustainability, synthesizers, tattoos, technology, texture, the brothers quay, the golden girls, the wilderness, theremin, thrifting, tom waits, trains in the night, travel, tree shadows, treehouses, trees, trumpet, trying to be healthy, vegetarian food, vintage lingerie, walking alone at night, wanderlust, women, women in menswear, writing, your highbrow marxist ways